Photo Credit: Noemie-Marguerite

Photo Credit: Noemie-Marguerite

about anuli

Anuli Akanegbu (Pronounced: Ah-noo-lee A-ka-nay-boo) is a scholar and strategist working at the intersection of Internet culture and race.

Anuli is currently a PhD student in NYU’s sociocultural anthropology department where she studies the racial politics of the influencer economy with a focus on Black Internet celebrities and content creators in the United States. She earned her BA (summa cum laude) from Howard University’s School of Communications and has also completed graduate level coursework through NYU’s Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement (XE) MA program.

Before her academic career, Anuli worked in the marketing industry for 6+ years. Her last role was as a Senior Strategic Brand Planner at Edelman, a global public relations agency, where she led the development of activation strategies and consumer research projects for multinational brands across the beauty, personal care, food, technology, and retail categories.

Anuli can be found on social media at @anuliwashere. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

View her full (web-friendly) CV here.

general research areas of interest

Africana Studies, Creative Work, Critical Race Theory (CRT), Cultural Production, Digital Culture, Gender, Labor, Identity, Influencer Economy, Internet Celebrity, Political Economy, Politics of Taste, Pop Culture, Power, Social Media, Technology

selected features

Photo Credit: Noemie-Marguerite

Photo Credit: Noemie-Marguerite

a lil more personal

I am going to speak in the first-person now because you obviously came here to learn more about me. It is hard to craft an about page that captures the fullness of a person’s humanity beyond job titles and professional experience. Who am I? What do I care about? These are the questions that we spend our lifetime trying to answer. One exercise I did in service of getting to learn more about who I am and how I am received by others was to ask a selection of people in my life to describe me as if they were introducing me to a stranger. Their answers really affirmed things that I appreciate most about myself. They did a good job in speaking to multiple aspects of my personality. The responses are below. Enjoy learning even more about me.

After a conversation with Anuli, you are as likely to feng shui your apartment as you are to investigate the latest case of cultural reappropriation. Anuli is a unique blend of truth teller, trend tracker, and feels-like-it’s-been-forever friend. You can count on her to show up for you, and to dish on the latest Netflix debut.
Old soul, young spirit.
Whip-smart, full of valuable insights. Strategic mind bringing us into the future. A connoisseur of culture.
An invaluable resource to all things pop/black culture. An encyclopedia of biz/marketing trends from a WOC lens (specifically black women). Practical advice giver on decorating, fashion, career, fruit selection and more.
The wittiest wife on erff.
Colorful outlook, wardrobe, and vibrant personality. Hunter-gatherer for today’s eclectic and colorful landscape of juicy information you didn’t know you needed.
Creative and hard working and driven.