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The Intersection is a weekly newsletter thoughtfully crafted by cultural researcher, Anuli Akanegbu. It focuses on the moments in life where culture, communications, and commerce collide.

This newsletter is the editorial version of listening to a classically trained violinist play “Back That Ass Up.” It’s for people who watch the inflation rate and watch Internet memes. It’s for people who milly rock and rock the vote. This newsletter is for people who contain multitudes. It’s for people who are equal parts smart and smart-ass. If this sounds like you then keep reading. If it doesn’t then I still encourage you to follow your curiosity and keep reading.

Inside each newsletter:

  • What’s On My Mind: Usually a long-form exploration of a single subject. Literally whatever is on my mind that week.

  • What’s On Your Mind: Reader feedback from the previous week’s newsletter.

  • Worth A Look: A curated link list of items I’ve read and appreciated that I think you’ll dig.

  • Because I Care: A curated link list of jobs, events, and opportunities for you.

  • *Coming Soon* Classifieds: Soon there will be a chance for YOU to promote your opportunity, project, or product directly to The Intersection’s engaged community of subscribers.

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