These are the apps that help get me through the day

You know how the saying goes, "There an app for just about anything." Recently, I've been thinking about the number apps I use on a daily basis and realized that I literally start using apps from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep.

I thought it would be fun to take you through a day in my life with apps, so you can see what I mean. Enjoy!

I wake up to the sound of my Sleep Cycle alarm clock. Sleep Cycle is an app that tracks my sleeping patterns. According to the app, I don't spend a lot of time in deep sleep through out the night, so I'm trying to work on that by sleeping earlier and being more consistent with a night time routine. This is one of those blessed mornings that I don't hit the snooze button so I have time to ease into my day instead of rushing out the door. I start my day with a 3 minute meditation then a breathing meditation on the Calm app. I'm feeling pretty good already, so I play a few games on the Elevate app to exercise my mind. Then I read a book for a bit on my Kindle app or my new favorite app, Hoopla that lets you borrow materials from the library to read or listen to. And, yes, I also read printed books too, but this is a post about apps. I try to exercise in the morning. The operative word in that last sentence was "try." When I do will myself to exercise in the morning which I prefer to exercising at night, then I either go on a bike ride down Eastern Parkway or jump rope in nearby Brower Park. If it's raining or I just don't feel like leaving the house then I'll find workouts on YouTube, Sworkit or the Nike+ Training Club app to do. 

I like to listen to something as I get ready for the day. I usually listen to music on Spotify, a podcast or a few TED talks if I'm in the mood. I've been using my iPad up until now, but switch to my Samsung Galaxy now that I'm about to leave the house. Sometimes I listen to audio books during my morning commute, but today I feel like listening to music on Google Play Music because I like their radio stations. Google bought one of my former favorite apps, Songza, so the radio selections are better than that of other music services, in my opinion. I switch to a podcast once I get to the train station. 

I'm not gonna front like I haven't been scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat this whole time. 

We sit in open cubes at work, so I put on my headphones to quiet the sounds around me to focus on a project that needs my full attention. I listen to Google Play Music on my web browser and switch back to the app during my commute home. At the train station, I'm impatiently waiting for the C train, so I play with the filters on Snapchat while listening to an e-book on Hoopla


Ahhhhhhh. I am finally home in my lair. Switching back to my iPad now to listen to a podcast while I unwind. I have a (good/bad/undecided) need to watch something whenever I eat dinner at home. It's television time, cord-cutter style. I decide to eat dinner at the table like a civilized human, but watch Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood on the Verizon Fios app because I have levels, y'all. I don't feel like being particularly productive tonight, so after dinner I move to the couch to for more television. I switch through Netflix, YouTube, ABC, HBO Go, and PBS Video on Google Chromecast before deciding to watch a few episodes of the Magic School Bus on Netflix on my actual television instead of my iPad. I will never grow-up. All this while switching between InstagramTwitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Facebook Messenger on multiple devices.

It's time to settle into bed. I read for a bit, but this time a printed book because I don't want the brightness of a screen in my face tonight. Just received a notification from the Eve app. A few days until the "Red Wedding." Great. I still can't sleep so I listen to the sounds of a thunderstorm during a camp fire on my Rain, Rain app and set my Sleep Cycle alarm, so I can do this all again tomorrow. Goodnight. 


What apps get you through the day? Share them in the comments section.