Love Advice from an 8-Year-Old


As the oldest and only sister of a precocious 8-year-old I can totally verify that kids say the darndest things. My sister may be 8-years-old, but she certainly has an opinion on everything.

Since I graduated from college last month she has decided to bestow upon me her sage advice on love. She believes women should be married by 25 and men by 30. I turn 23 in August, so in her mind my clock’s ticking.

My aunt recently went on a trip to India where a mystic gave similar words of advice. Imagine my sister’s excitement when she heard this. All I heard was “I told you so,” for a week.

I never thought too much about marriage or my dream wedding as a kid. To me, that was something other little girls did. All I knew is that I would be married someday and when that time came I would simply hire a wedding planner to take care of it all while I was at work. Yes, I had boss ambitions from an early age. My thoughts have obviously evolved over the years, but I still view marriage as something that seems farther away than two years.

As we grow up and evolve, so do our opinions and plans for the future. Listening to my little sister talk about her opinions on love and dating, concepts that still confuse most adults, is quite endearing because I know that some of her little girl dreams may not follow her into adulthood.

Take a listen to a brief conversation I had with my little sister on love and dating. You’ll certainly get a good laugh out of it because kids really do say the darndest things.

How have your opinions on love evolved since childhood?

Image: Self-portrait drawn by my sister