23 K-Dramas to Watch This Summer

I have a strong desire to visit South Korea in 2017. I haven't started planning my trip yet, but I have spent some time eating my way through New York's Koreatown and watching Korean Dramas (or, K-Dramas). So far, I've watched Beating Again on Netflix. I recently reached out to the Black Girl Nerds community on Twitter for suggestions on additional K-Dramas to watch and I received an outpouring of recommendations. I figure I would share them with you in case you're looking for something new to watch this summer. Now excuse me, I need to remove my sheet mask and plan a trip.

Pro-tip from Twitter user @withunnichan: If you are new to K-Dramas you should watch something that aired this year or last. That way you can meet some actors/narratives/clichés you like and later find other classics with those qualities.