Hey, wassup, hello

I am Anuli. I am an NYC-based social science nerd set on finding new ways to employ my professional background in research, strategic planning and digital communications to champion for inclusion and diversity. My mission is to make my mark by leaving things better than I found them. That's why this site is called, "Anuli Was Here." 

Every interaction with me may not lead to an "aha" moment, but I promise it will lead to an "hmm" moment. An "hmm" moment is when you start to consider something from a new perspective.  I believe that one cannot impact behavior without first impacting the mind. You have to change minds, to change worlds, my friends.  I enjoy thinking about ways to help people re-examine the world(s) in which they live. Knowledge is my currency and I'm more than happy to share it. 

My specialties include:

  • Qualitative Research (e.g. In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups)
  • Quantitative Research (e.g. Survey Development and Dissemination) 
  • Data Analysis
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Trendspotting

unbought and unbossed. truth-seeker. curiosity follower.